Innovation Plaza is a combination of classrooms and activity spaces where students can focus on unlocking their creative potential. In addition, the Plaza assists the local community through distributing information regarding science and engineering.

General Education subjects [Introductory seminar] (for undergraduate freshman)

This is an elective subject in the general education course that is taken by freshmen. You can choose a subject that is not restricted to a specific school. There are various courses which include experiments, practical training and observation. We open several courses every year that make use of Innovation Plaza. We would like to invite you to take a look at General Education website (in Japanese) for introductory seminar details.

School of Engineering subject [Team-based Engineering for Innovation] (for undergraduate freshman)

This curriculum is prepared for freshman in the engineering department. Through this curriculum, students will choose topics regardless of the department and study the basics of engineering. Themes include “Let’s get to know about the ‘silent material’!”, “Let's examine deformation of metal sheets” and other topics related to cutting-edge engineering. Click here for details of Team-based Engineering for Innovation.

Assistance for student and faculty personal creative projects

By using the equipment at Innovation Plaza, students engage in various activities such as research and student organizations (human-powered aircraft, formula car, rocket production, etc.). In order to use the equipment and devices, students must attend the initial seminar for each device to learn safe usage and acquire a license card issued by the Plaza.