Floor information

Innovation Plaza consists of eight rooms divided into specific purposes. The Plaza is fully equipped with the newest technology to help students give form to their ideas.

2F/Multipurpose Room (main) 2F/Machining Process 2F/Material Processing 2F/Material Lab M2F/Multipurpose Room (sub) M2F/Reception / Staff Room 1F/Digital Prototyping 1F/Digital Design 1F/Computer Room
  • M2F/Reception / Staff Room

    To use equipment at the Plaza, first check in at the reception counter. Then you can access the corresponding PC for the equipment.

  • 2F/Machining Process

    At the Machining Process room, you can use processing devices such as lathes, milling machines and drill press. It is possible to carry out general metal processing including manufacturing aircraft and vehicle parts.

  • 2F/Material Processing

    At the Material Processing room, you can use various devices for material production and testing. In addition, this office has processing devices such as cutting machine (large scale) as well as testing equipment such as electric furnaces, etc.

  • 2F/Material Lab

    Equipment for materials experimentation and measurement and digital fabrication is available: measurement equipment such as SEM and digital microscopes, laboratory equipment such as precision universal testing machines, and digital fabrication equipment such as laser cutters and cutting plotters.

  • 1F/Computer Room

    At the Computer Room, you can prepare a report or presentation material. It is equipped with six Windows PCs, an A4 printer, a large format printer and a scanner.

  • 1F/Digital Prototyping

    You can also use a molding device to output CAD data, etc. at the Digital Prototyping room. The room is equipped with digital fabrication devices such as 3D printers, etc.

  • 1F/Digital Design

    At the Digital Design room, you can use 3D CAD software and airflow/fluid simulation software specialized for examining built environments. The room has 36 Mac computers (Windows dual-boot capable).

  • 2F/Multipurpose Room (main)

    The Multipurpose Room (main) can be used for a special lesson and is a wide-open place where students can work freely. Moreover, to deepen ties with the local community, it will be used for open campuses or science classes for elementary, junior high, and senior high school students. There are 15 work desks which can be used by approximately 80 users.

  • M2F/Multipurpose Room (sub)

    The Multipurpose Room (sub) is an open space facing the Centersquare across the road. It has four work desks and a display board. Users can freely use this room for meetings, presentations and for other purposes.